Professional basketball is pitching fans on place with its latest special-edition, locals-only jerseys. After a two-year layoff without a pro hoops team in the city, the NBA established the Charlotte Bobcats as an expansion team in 2004. Although they were met with mixed reviews, Adidas plans to roll them out to as many as five teams in the upcoming season, including the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Las Vegas NBA Summer League is essentially the Comic-Con for basketball junkies. Sportsnet's Donnovan Bennett caught up with a handful of NBA stars at the recent Nike X NBA launch in Los Angeles California. Swingman NBA jerseys also have a more athletic cut, with narrower shoulders and a slimmer cut through the body, when compared to a replica jersey.

After 11 years with Adidas as its official apparel provider, the league is now with Nike. According to the sports gear company, this Golden State Warriors jersey honors the Chinese culture in the Bay Area. Five years ago, the NBA hired SRI, a sponsorship research firm, to analyze the possibility of an unprecedented move in major American sports: placing ads on jerseys.

In conjunction with becoming the official provider of NBA on-court gear, Nike is also the first retailer to put their logo onto the jerseys that players will be wearing during the game, so when you pick up a Nike NBA jersey, you know you'll be getting the Swoosh on it.

Each tag has a unique ID. when you wear the jersey and you tap on it with your phone, we know what the team is, what the player is, and we even know the style of the jersey. Don't look now, but Vice Ganda, arguably the brightest star on noontime TV has been flexing an assortment of retro NBA gear that would make even the most hipster of basketball fashionistas drool.

The Nike jerseys are purported to dry 15% faster than the old model and are made partly from recycled bottles, changes that could account for the flimsiness. Too bad Gordon Hayward never got to wear this jersey before dipping out to Boston this summer in free agency.

NIKE unveiled its new NBA jerseys for the 2017-18 season at an exclusive event in los angeles where designboom was in attendance. It's the most dramatic overhaul of NBA jerseys in years, perhaps ever, a function of changing manufacturers. So far, 19 of the 30 NBA teams have teamed up with an advertiser.

It's one thing to go into your local sports apparel store and buy the latest Jersey, however ones fandom is tested to a whole new level when you have to search for old and unique merchandise. The NBA knows how to take over the news cycle, and the new jerseys had some fans buzzing and others booing.

In addition to making some slight alterations to the cuts of the uniforms, Nike has also worked with each team to improve their overall look heading into the 2017-18 season. Some of the jerseys represent cultures of teams' respective cities. Wearers will be able to activate the functionality by downloading the NikeConnect app, and placing their smartphone against a near-field communication (NFC) chip hidden underneath the tag located at the bottom left of the jersey.

Maybe it's a cynical seasonal ploy to fans of Portland or Cleveland or Philadelphia—fans of both city and team—to go out and buy more stuff. No professional league is as closely aligned with retro uniforms, and Nike looks to connect the past with the future.

We offer the latest styles in NBA Jerseys, Snapbacks and T-Shirts arriving daily to make sure your NBA Apparel is up-to-date. As part of their ongoing collaboration, Mitchell & Ness and Just Don are dropping a new line of vintage, high-end NBA jerseys dubbed the No Name" collection.
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